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Jul. 31st, 2007

Hi, I'm Ashley.
I just turned 18 last weekend and am a 2007 graduate!
I'm moving in a week and a half down to the coast to attend
college at Texas A&M University of Corpus Christi.
I will be majoring in theatre with teacher certification!!
I am in a three and a half year-old relationship with the
love of my life, Michael, however, I believe that sexual
preference doesn't matter, and I will love who I love.
I can be very opinionated when it comes to politics.
I would love to be a politician actually ...
But my dream is to be an actress on Broadway.
I love making new friends and I'll comment so long as
there was something I can respond to in your entry.

I'd like to add all kinds of different people EXCEPT:
If you're heavily into drinking or smoking
You do drugs of any kind
You're OVERLY conservative or religious
(to avoid clashing with you, not because I don't like them)
You constantly discuss sex
Y0u +yP3 Lyk +Hii$
You try to fit some kind of scene stereotype

Also, please be somewhere between 16-25.
I don't want any preteen drama, but nor do I want any
people that are too old to have anything in common with me.

Skip on over to my friends only entry and comment to add me!


Me with my Michael

I move down to the beach in a week and a half!

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