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lets friend 0_lechim!

FROM THE LATEST BY [info]0_lechim :
Originally posted by 0_lechim at Ну сколько можно ?! А они всё лезуть и лезуть!
ponajehali !!!
Ну сколько можно ?! А они всё лезуть и лезуть!

Из разговора двух ПОЛЕК в автобусе в Мальмё , в "ШвеДции". Девушка заходит в автобус с коляской. Ребёнок шебуршит газетой, страницы в газете не переворачиваются. Hедовольство pебёнок выражает довольно бурно. Cлышно во всём автобусе. Девушка: "Дай мне пожалуста ЦАЙТУНГ","я всё тебе сделаю как ты хочешь, дай мне ЦАЙТУНГ". *цайтунг (нем.) = (рус.) газета.

Сиденье передомной. две дамы разодеты как "ночныe бабочки" вышедшиe на пенсию. Судя по их самодовольному виду на их взгляд они одеты именно так kak одеваются "в Европе".

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Hа комбинацию слов "немцы+понаехали" "яндекс-картинки" ничего вразумительного не выдаёт. Cогласитесь весьма интересно с политической и ПиаР-технологической точки зрения?!?
Такого образа, "понаехавший немец", согласно всеведающему яндексу вобще нет, а ведь когда-то на Руси так оно и было?! поэтому попробуем провести особенно актуальный для русскоязычных читателей эксперимент! при слове "понаехали" ВМЕСТО серьёзных усатых джентельменов с баулами, представляем молодых немецких бейбиситерш . . . Hy kak результаты экспериментa?!
P.s: О официальной позиции Швеции можно прочитать здесь:  - Премьер министр Швеции, Фредрик Райнфельд. Pоссийским студентам - добро пожаловать!

Looking for friends who comment!

Hi there,

It's your lovely mod after a 2 year hiatus from Livejournal! *GASP*

I am now looking for active members who wanna be friends and I thought, why not post here... yes.

So add me, mmm kay? :)
все желающие добавляйтесь в друзья ко мне в ЖЖ ohrimka89 пишу о разном.  О всём что меня интересует.
Кто добавить в друзья отвечу взаимностью.

Группа посвящена пиару своих ЖЖ и Сообществ piar_jj 

lets talk!

1.add me and be added :) comment & be commented! Lets talk!

Hi! I'm Leo 30, fr. Sweden. lookin for friends.pic.of me below. 
The jorunal
is a great illusration of the upsides and down sieds w. LJ.
The downside is very-well known to everyone who has ever bothered to read TOS. We all have no rights here. But 2 upside:
For example about a month ago I wrote a post that was called "generation D". Out of the blue came same people who have read that article, and they asked me to republish my post, in a paper journal that is distributed in 64 countries.(this type of "stuff" does not exactly happened everyday to me. so naturally I said YES!).
Now, during the same "wave" of events I was now all over the sudden asked to give an interview to a multinational TV-station.


2. what did I do? I talked to people, communicated, while being polite.
Just spending some extra time to write an article + posting to a friending communities, such as this one and talking.
Well? Well I have VERY hard time imagining the same turn of events happaning on ANY platform other platform. (ok, may be except youtube). In such short time, such possitive spiral.

3. So? so join me, talk to me & do even better than me! :)
I'll be glad to see you all! Welcome! and if you wish to get some PR in my journal, you can freely write about your self in my LJ in this post:
Lets get to know each other! Who knows? may be that post will be usefull for you too? Join me & do even better than me! :)

another post that is in English can be found HERE:

I am ...
+ 18 yrs old
+ a freshman in college
+ born and raised in Texas
+ yet a diehard liberal
+ taken by Michael
+ and have been since 03-23-04
+ a theatre major
+ pursuing a future career on Broadway
+ bisexual and irreligious
+ but very open-minded to other people and views
+ opinionated, but not pushy
+ creative and unique

I post at LEAST once a week, but usually almost daily.
I tend to post ...
+ daily entries
+ pictures
+ random thoughts
+ surveys
+ interesting news
+ schoolwork
+ stories
+ creative ideas

I would like to add people who are:
+ around my age (16-24ish)
+ not whiny pre-teens
+ or way too old and/or creepy
+ are creative and open-minded
+ post at least weekly
+ d0 n0t TyP3 LyK d1s
+ will get to know me
+ not interested in adding friends for numbers
+ respectful of my opinions
+ have things in common with me


Send me a message or comment on my friends only entry,
go ahead and add me, and chances are, I will add you back!
Here are links to my My LJ & My MySpace.

Pictures of me!Collapse )

*x-posted to like 5-6 add me communities*

Jul. 31st, 2007

Hi, I'm Ashley.
I just turned 18 last weekend and am a 2007 graduate!
I'm moving in a week and a half down to the coast to attend
college at Texas A&M University of Corpus Christi.
I will be majoring in theatre with teacher certification!!
I am in a three and a half year-old relationship with the
love of my life, Michael, however, I believe that sexual
preference doesn't matter, and I will love who I love.
I can be very opinionated when it comes to politics.
I would love to be a politician actually ...
But my dream is to be an actress on Broadway.
I love making new friends and I'll comment so long as
there was something I can respond to in your entry.

I'd like to add all kinds of different people EXCEPT:
If you're heavily into drinking or smoking
You do drugs of any kind
You're OVERLY conservative or religious
(to avoid clashing with you, not because I don't like them)
You constantly discuss sex
Y0u +yP3 Lyk +Hii$
You try to fit some kind of scene stereotype

Also, please be somewhere between 16-25.
I don't want any preteen drama, but nor do I want any
people that are too old to have anything in common with me.

Skip on over to my friends only entry and comment to add me!


Me with my Michael

I move down to the beach in a week and a half!

Jun. 25th, 2007

I'm Meaghan.
I've had numerous LJs in the past 4 years.
I'm turning seventeen soon.
I'm a huge 90's rock fan.
Classic rock is amazing as well.
I'm in love with extensions-Sad, but true.
I comment people often.
I like to make new friends. [:

Just bored...

Just I decided to bug all of you in this community...

So... What did all of you do this weekend???